Milton Fireplaces

Building Fireplaces Since 1989


We make the process of sourcing your project easy

Milton Fireplaces is a year-round, all season fireplace company committed to your complete fireplace project. From custom design to carpentry, stonework, construction, gas fitting and installation, we look after all aspects of the complete fireplace project.  We are not a Heating & Cooling (HVAC) company. Nor are we a big-box style retail store selling seasonal items like BBQ’s or patio furniture. You don’t need to look anywhere else because we take care of everything for you. We make the process as easy as 1-2-3.


Safe Consultation

Whether in our showroom or in your own home, we provide you with reliable and expert advice to guide you through the selection of the correct gas or electric fireplace for your application. Together, we also determine the best fit and finish options for your unique space. We listen to you describe your visions and then take your dreams and design them into reality.


Design & Build

Our designs are purpose-built for your home and extend beyond just the fireplace alone. We compose the entire environment for you. You have the finest experienced designers available to you as part of our in-house team. We layout and construct the complete space from simple surrounds to complex media walls including all the parts in between like framing and stonework.


Professional Install

Our single source approach means that our designs are purpose-built for your home with installation already in mind. Our craftsman not only custom fabricate your components but then also come onsite to install them in your home. Alongside them, our licensed gas technicians and electricians professionally install all services and fittings, including outlets for TV's, media or lighting.


You get to enjoy your space as a dream come true

We understand that the whole effort of the home renovation or new construction project can be stressful. So, all through the process, our experienced and knowledgeable team works to remove that stress from you. We do that by looking after the complete project from A to Z, one to three. Milton Fireplaces is your one source for the project and you are our one responsibility. The enjoyment of your new fireplace and the warm environment we’ve made together, we leave to you.